2003 Deer Hunt Images
Photos by Bill Fennimore
Thanks Billy!!!


The cook might have quit, but the chow is great! Must be early, hats still ridin' high! Looks just like his brother! One shot Eddie strikes again!
Sunday Dinner
Who needs a cook?
John Luyber
B'town 5 Pointer
AJ B'town 6 Pointer Eddie Barron
Washingtown Twp 3 Pointer
That's my grandson fellas! First Buck!  Now that's something to smile about!! Great job by Fred and his committee! Lunch in the field.  Hot food, a few stories and back to business
Brandon and Poppa
What the smiles about?
Brandon Nitschamnn
First Buck - 9 Pointer
Deer Hunt Chairman
Fred Waropay
Lunch in the field
Watch out for Nitsch!
One shot! I tell ya, One shotis all you need! Joe goes out the next day and tracks down the 6 pointer.  Nice going Joe! I have to call Luyber to tell him you took my picture again!
Bill Lyden
Turkey Swamp 3 Pointer
Bill Lyden
Washington Twp 6 Pointer
Joe Demuth
Tracks Down 6 Pointer
Ben did go hunting!
Nice hunting jacket!!
Heyyyyyy Bubby,  another hot meal! Tony lending a hand cleaning shit out of Tommy's truck! Nice! Many thanks to Mikey for cooking dinners!
Another Hot Lunch
Turkey Swamp
Tony Seneca
Helping out as always!
Friday - 15 Bucks Hanging
Thanks to Mikey Cannon
Cooked for the gang after work!