2005 Buck Week
Club Kills 9 Bucks on Monday
Frank sends the 10th one to 11 year old club neighbor
2 More on Tuesday while the Potties kill 3

December 9, 2005

Club started Monday morning at the point and Wormbrants.  Joe Demuth killed the first buck, a 4 pointer on the drive.  Frank O let a 6 pointer go by to the club neighbor Kenny Foreman's 11 year old son.  First buck for the young lad and his Dad was sure proud.  So was Frank!!  Then off to the Lee farm where nothing was started.  Of course the game wardens came in and Lyden flashed his badge.  I don't think he has one anymore!  

Next it was over to Edgebrook.  Joe Punk and Mike Cannon each killed a 6 pointer, Fred Waropay killed a 9 pointer and Riggsy got a 6 pointer.  All but Joe's were killed on the drive.  Then to Kuser where Ben Ridolfi killed a 5 pointer and Skip killed a 3 pointer both while on stand.  Dennis Edwards killed an eight pointer on drive.  Mikey C. was driving along the houses without a gun and while explaining to a screaming lady that it was our no hunting signs and that we were allowed to hunt and nobody on this end had a gun, it was safe and blah blah blah and Dad er I mean Dickie Green unloaded 2 shots killing a 5 pointer.  The lady is still cleaning her undies!!  But the best part of Kuser is Ben puking while gutting his buck.  Get a grip on yourself buddy!  Perhaps you could get a job a the Coroner's Office!  At least they have puke bags.  Anyway Ben paid Half Day to finish gutting the deer and drag it out!  

So that was Monday with the club.  Pot hunting in Mansfield, Uncle Mikey Mosier killed a 9 pointer and Dennis Daly killed a spike buck.  Uncle Mikey paid Sul for the deer and went home.  Meanwhile in a secret location Will Nitschmann killed a spike while Poppa Nitsch sat in his tent with his heater.  After having problems with his heater he was unable to shoot a buck outside his tent because he couldn't open the window!  Oh yeah the other excuse offered was the buck was too close to use his scope.  Now Poppa, next time open the door and beat him over the head!  No reports from Logan at this time but we hear they had fresh tastycakes!  

Now if you want to count deer killed by club members on Monday I believe it is 9 by the gang, 3 pot hunters for a total of 12 total  Not a bad opening day.  

Tuesday morning was Bordentown.  Fred Waropay hit a wide 6 pointer hard two times in the head and was assisted by Jeff Kramarz also hitting him hard in the head with one shot.  Guess it wasn't hard enough fellas as he jumped in the lake and swam to the other side.  After driving around the other side and tracking the deer went back across the swamp.  Really hit 'em hard, ehhh?  So then a push of the civil war piece.  Nothing.  Then a push from the lake up to the fields where the "hit hard" buck was last seen.  Mike Cannon was heard on the radio (that's not news!) telling young Werner a buck was coming to him.  Three quick shots, then a fourth.  You might be led to believe that Werner got a shot, right?  Wrong!  Mikey dumped the 6 pointer.  Anyhow it was off to Giovi's and Half Day Ray who has now hunted two full days with us (as a guest I think) noticed a buck laying down while on stand waiting for the drive to begin.  One shot and a four pointer goes for a ride in the truck.  We will have to see if Half Day changes his name to Two Day.  (Maybe his app will make it through that way!).  Another drive on the other side and nothing was started.  That's all the report your getting today as this old boy is getting tired.  Have one pic from Dennis Edwards below and a few more on the computer here but you aren't going to see them 'till later.  

So as of Tuesday evening the official club count is now at eleven.

This report for Monday and Tuesday by Chris Green, Fox Magnet and FFFNJ Official Reporter - Thanks Chris!   Hope your not too sore from dodging the snowballs!

Wednesday started with a quick push of Wormbrants and the point again.  Deer running but no shots fired as there were no bucks running.  Then a quick regrouping at the clubhouse and off to Freehold for the rest of the day.  First a push of the backside of Freehold along the dump.  Does, does and more does but again no shots, no bucks.  The rest of the day was at the Georgia Road piece amongst the $1.1 million and up homes.  Started the first push and a doe broke back.  Then a doe and budk ran back and forth in front of the drive finally breaking toward the road. Riggsy unloaded 3 (of course he missed!) and Boozer let it go by right to the USMC flanking the drive.  Frank unloaded 3 and missed them all!  It ran back to the drive and Boozer dumped it, gun jammed and the buck ran back to Frank.  Again Frank missed.  Boozer and Riggsy tracked the buck in the snow for almost 2 miles.  Jumped it a few times but couldn't fire as the briars were so thick.  Tracked it around one of the houses and it was 5 foot from the porch and even went to look at the pool.  Well lots of cutting on this one.  Meanwhile Team 1 drove the brutal briars and there weren't even any tracks in the snow.  Another push organized to look for the missing buck to no avail.  Getting dark and back to the club for dinner.  mmmmmm!  Some kind of mystery meat they called turkey.  Scrub that crap from the menu next year, PLEASE!

So with the count still at 11 the club started very early Thursday (8:45) and pushed Edgebrook.  No shots, no bucks.  Then to Kuser and again no shots, no bucks.  OMK (Old Man Kelly) let us push the farm from 130 to the tracks.  Nothing but fox.  Now we have a place to fox hunt!  So being we had mystery meat to heat and eat, Tommy Riggs shared the wealth of winning the nightly card twice and treated the gang to pizza.  Thanks Tommy!  That sure beat the alternative!  Should I keep going?  It's painful you understand!  Down 130 to Bordentown and push the Civil War piece with no results.  A push from 130 to the picnic area produced many does and one spike that no one fired at.  I guess with the buck breaking the woods between all the trucks it's a good idea not to shoot.  Back for Thursday night seafood bar and roast beef dinner.  Great meal!  We had the usual full house for court.  Frank stole the show with Jim the lawyer!  Frank outdid himself and now I really believe that he purposely missed that buck!  If you didn't come to dinner and court, you missed a classic performance.  

More pics coming soon so check the new page from time to time.  I will try to have them up this weekend.  Joe Starr has promised his roll of film to the website.  Thanks Joe!  A few may have to reside behind the green door.  


9 Buck on Monday!
Monday's Kill

Chris and Werner start snowball fights!
Chris and Werner start snowball fights!

11 Bucks!
11 Bucks Hanging Tuesday!

Post Mikey Show!
Chairman Job Full of Headaches
I took six shits this morning!
Looks Right At Home!

Half Day - You pay, He drags!
Jeff and Ray dragging one out

Get in the trucks!
Thought you guys were hunting!
All you guys do is eat!
You guys sure like standing around!

Get Up Joe!
Joe does a Snow Angel! Nice!

Jeff salutes his friend Joe S.!
Smile for the camera Jeff!
Ray shares a beer with Ben
OK Ben, You got your picture on the web!

Gee they must be watching gay videos!
Must be watching the talking tree!

Go Fuck Yourself!
Yea Yea Yea It's OK
His hats riding high yet!
Must be Deer Week!
No matter where I serve my guests
They seem to like this bar the best!
Frank starts his annual show
I got something for you young guys
OH Frank! You outdid yourself this year!
Holy Shit Frank!!
Frank brought some props this year
Does Fran know you have this stuff?
Must be Deer Week!
Holy Shit!
All from a talking tree!
Frank practices with some buck lure
Frank enjoys dinner and Buck Lure