They're all pointing South
Must be migratory

Deer Hunt

An early morning shot
The picture, not the deer!

Another nice shot of the pole
Can you find Ben?

Pictures by Dennis Edwards



One Shot Eddie
Why's he got two guns??

At least he didn't shoot the rack off!

Mikey kills em!
Lets everybody else drag

Dickie Green
Nice shootin Sugar!

Joe poses with two bucks
He didn't shoot em
Just likes havin his pic taken!

Our President
Jon "Sonny Boy" Sheid

Joe Leary, Vic's Buddy
Must have been hit by a car!

Nice Shooting Jimmy!
Get them guys behind you to drag it!

Mike Durand
1st Buck With Club

The buck was an easy drag
Needed the quad for Riggsy

Nice shooting by Ryan Rapos
Coyote shot on Edgebrook

The Red Valley Slasher
Click for Shirt Tale Pictures

Werner threatens Mikey!
Riggsy working hard

Let's test the new beams

Freddy Warpaint
Sure there's a story here!

Chef Slug
Not sure what it is,
But it is hot, crisp and black!