FFF Buck Week 2009



Monday's Pictures

Alyssa Kramarz's First Deer
You Rock Girl!!!

Captain Morgan hanging the first buck

Bubby Shot!
Killed it too!

Somebody tagged my buck
Who gives a shit

All eyes are at Ryan
Get your hands off the bottle

Will starts his campaign
Greenie - Campaign Manager

Campaign Buttons

He must have hit that bottle!

Tuesday's Pictures

Tuesday Night
10 Club Deer

Tah Rah Rah Boom De Yah
Chris shot a deer today
It went the other way
Tah Rah Rah Boom De Yah

Vic's buddy Joe
Vic probably shot this one too
What'in the bag??

Go Greenie!

Smiling Boozer

Thursday's Pictures

The manual says nothing about this

Come On Guys, 1....2....3

Guess the PA dropped the quad driving school

Ready For Liftoff!
Watch out for the tree Mikey!

Dill, two L's
He forgets the other letters

Green Green
The killing machine

Joe's Dad

Tom, Dick and Dilly, Two L's

Stewie connects
Probably had 10 points

Everybody was shooting too high
Dennis low enough to connect

Hey! Who shot my rack??

Stewie couldn't walk Monday
Now he's dancing!

18 Bucks and Alyssa's Doe Hanging Thursday!

Shirt Tails or
The Red Valley Slasher

Fredie calls court to order

Lets play "Cut That Name Out"

Secret Vote

Don't cut the fur

Jim first case of the evening

He lost your case Joe

He looks surprised to find out what the court knows!

Easy case....Self incriminated

Joe's defending AJ
Your shirts getting trimmed Jim

Nice fur AJ

Jim reads a letter from Bubby
He requests the prez to defend his honor

Your lawyers digging you a deep hole

Cut the Lawyer's Shirt!

WoW! Fancy checkboxes
Cut the f***ers shirt

Greg can't believe this is happening

Are you back again?

Every body blames Ian!

Your lawyer may win this one Joe!

Guess not Joe!

Ian, Jim has not won a case in years
Just look at his suit

Hate to say I told you so
I told you so!

This is an odd case
The witness is standing on a chair

Another propogandized shirt

We been cutting these shirts for years!

Is your suit shedding Jim?
Jim won this case for Greenie!

You need better legal defense pal!