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2004 Deer Hunt
4 Bucks on Monday
Blame it on the rain

Scratch the cook this year.  Led by chairman Mike Cannon, the committee kicked off Deer Week with a superb meal of shrimp scampi and steak.  First drive on Monday was on state land near the club. Only a couple of does and lots of pot hunters.  Too bad they spooked almost every deer off the property.  Then it was off to Georgia road.  First drive does, second drive AJ Rapos killed an 8 pointer on stand.  Then came the rain.  Third and fourth drives came up empty.  Then hot roast venison and gravey on rolls in the rain for lunch.  Back to the point and Werner Sr. killed a 7 pointer and Frank O killed a 6 pointer.  The six pointer was in velvet.  John Snook killed a 6 pointer pot hunting on a secret piece hunting near Sul.  Time for Mikey's ham dinner and some clothes drying.

Tuesday was raining from the start.  Bordentown was first with 3 drives.  Nothing but does including a pinto albino.  Then off to Hamilton when Will F was driving near the houses saw a huge buck walking up.  Efforts to turn the buck into the drivers were unsuccessful and Will couldn't shoot as he was unloaded, gun cased walking near the houses and unable to shoot.  He is still sick at this writing and is crying and whining to this reporter.  The flatliners also saw 2 bucks but couldn't get a shot.  Lunch at the club.  Then the probies continued the late afternoon hunt.  Then a push at the Lee farm, nothing.  Second drive at the Lee farm kicked up some does walking in.  Next to Wurmbrants where there was two does and a buck were standing in the orchard.  Too bad we spent so much time looking at the huge buck in the field on the way there!  Hey, everybody is soaked and hungry so let's call it a day and have Mikey's spaghetti and meatballs.  Stay tuned for better pictures and more story straight from the field.

Here we are again from the field.  First drive Wednesday morning on Edgebrook produced nothing but does. On a lighter note, Joe Demuth decided to go across the water like a deer.  But deer don't have rubber boots to get stuck in the mud and fall off their feet.  Joe sure looked funny going back for his boot in his socks!  Off to Kuser.  Standers walking down the tracks.  Fred Waropay was almost the last man walking in saw a six point buck bedded down watching the action.  POW!  Well it's a one horn 3 pointer now but it is hanging on the pole.  Drive starts and Joe (nothing runs like a deer) Demuth shot a 6 pointer.  No more action there.  Nice shooting guys.  Then we drove Giovi's.  Drivers lined up and a buck was laying behind the drivers ran up behind the houses.  Then there was a buck running on the drive early but no shots fired.  What should have been 3 drives was done in 1 and produced nothing.  2pm and hot lunch in the field of sausage and meatball sandwiches.  Nice work Mikey.  Bill (big whiskey) Roland stepped on a large snake witnessed by Chris Green.  Bill is probably in western PA by now!  Don't see many snakes in December.  Getting late now so another try on the point.  Lots of does but no bucks.  Back for dinner.  Great dinner by Mikey of meatloaf, potatos and veggies.  Late reports from Monday's hunt reveal that "Nothing Runs Like a Deer" actually shot AJ's buck but AJ saw a twitch in his ear and finished the job.  Also prospective member Mike Durand who hunted with the club in the rain Tuesday killed a 4 pointer on private land Monday.  Hopefully we will have a better report for you tonight.

Thursday and it's not raining!  Off to Georgia Road and a drive that produced a small amount of does and possibly that short spike again.  2 more drives there and just does.  Back for some lunch and off to Kuser, Old York piece and a stop at Edgebrook.  Lots of does running at Edgebrook along with the rain coming back.  Off for the Thursday night dinner of shrimp, roast beef, baked potato, veggies, pie and ice cream.  Nice dinner Mikey!  

Friday was a late start but produced nothing.  After lunch a few brave souls pushed the local pieces but no bucks started all day.

Saturday was some fresh hunters who missed hunting during the week but had the same results.  But a 3 man crew went to the Georgia Road piece and Joe Vermuth killed a 4 pointer.  Ray Ray and his nephew, Brad, did some driving for Joe.  It was Brad's first time out hunting and I think he likes it!  So did Joe!  Joe always did like Freehold.  Can't remember a week we only had one miss and such a small amount of shooting.  Blame it on the rain!

CLICK HERE for some pics of the week.

Reports are now coming in that also present on the Saturday on Georgia road hunt was Bill "Big Whiskey" Roland who missed the same buck that Joe killed twice!  Hope you have two shirts buddy!