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2001 Deer Hunt

Show me the pictures!

Chairman Fred Waropay along with co-chairman Gary Brantley have done it again. The 2001 Deer Hunt finished with 10 bucks including 2 "rackers" killed by Joe Punk and Bob Kelly Sr., an eleven point buck and a ten point monster rack respectively. The food was great and Thursday night court was attended by 60 men, a few youngsters and one baby who had his diaper cut!

The 2001 Deer Hunt started off with a good first Day. Nothing was started on the first drive. On the second drive in Cookstown Gary Brantley killed a spike. Then on to Hamilton where Poppa Nitsch killed, a one horn 3 point @ 148 lb field dressed. Werner Sr.killed a 6 pointer. Then Jeff Kramarz killed a 3 pointer. Nice drive, huh? After moving to Bordentown, Joe Punk killed a beautiful 11 point buck and Jim Lambert killed a 5 point buck. The first day yielded 6 bucks hanging on the pole Monday night. Tuesday's action slowed down with only one 4 pointer killed by Tony Seneca in Turkey Swamp. Wednesday's action heated up with a 146 lb 6 pointer killed by Boozer Baron on Kuser Road. Then in Bordentown Bob Kelly Sr. killed a 160 lb 10 pointer while waiting to start the drive bringing the total to 9. Thursday's drives produced nothing.

Thursday's nights court was preceeded by a great dinner with open seafood bar, prime rib and all the trimmmings prepared by Joe the Cood and his son Joe Jr. All clients lost their case and had their shirts cut as well as their lawyers. "Shirt Tails" include Tom Riggs (3 times), Werner Nitschmann Sr. (2 times), John Snook, Art Krey, Jim Lambert and his son's diaper, Rob Kelly, John Burick (lawyer), John Luyber, Steve Homa, Tony (Luyber's father in law as lawyer), Fran Ricigliano, Jim (Joe's son in law lawyer - 2 times), Joe Punk (lawyer) and Bob Kelly Sr. lost 3/4's of his pony tail for winning the Bennelli shotgun raffle. The card game started early and went on to the early morning hours. A good time was had by all as indicated by an 8:30 start time on Friday.

After a late start on Friday, Bill Lyden killed a 4 pointer in Bordentown. Bob Dill wounded a buck larger than the one that Bob Kelly Sr. shot. It crossed Rt. 130 and was killed by another gang. Bob Dill had his shirt tail cut at the club on Saturday.

Stay tuned to this site for a link to the images for the 2001 Deer Hunt. They take some time to prepare for the web site. I will try to e-mail some pictures that may include you.

So save some vacation time for next year. The week is open to guests, however they MUST have New Jersey State Federation of Sportsmens Clubs insurance, No Exceptions! Click here for Federation insurance information.