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2003 Deer Hunt
Brandon Nitschmann Kills 9 Pointer
Club Hangs 18 Bucks

Nice Shooting Brandon!Sunday night of buck week and the cook backed out due to a family sickness.  Not a good start, eh?  Monday morning the temperature was in the teens and lots of snow on the ground.  Seven bucks were hung Monday and three more on Tuesday.  Now that's a good start!  Brandon Nitschmann pot hunting with his father, Will killed a beautiful 9 pointer and Dad managed a spike.  Maybe Brandon will let his Dad in on some of his secrets of big buck hunting!  Nice going Brandon!  Don't be too hard on Dad, nah just kidding, rub it in every chance you get!.  Also connecting was John Luyber 4 pt, Andy Rapos 6 pt, Steady Eddie Barron 4 pt, Bill Lyden 1 horn 2 pt, AJ 6 pt, Joe Demuth 6 pt, Poppa Nitsch 6 pt and Rob Linico killed a 6 pt pot hunting up north.   Nice shooting to all.  Of course with 10 bucks hanging on the pole there must be some shirt tails too! Will Fiordland shot seven times and Werner Jr. 5 shots, each shooting at 2 different bucks.  Dick Green, Tom Riggs, Mike Deluca and Tom Davey also missed.  If Frank Ondrushek would have walked out in the field he could have had a shot so it becomes the same as a miss.  (Sorry Frank!)  And Victor Scott could have shot at bucks if his gun was loaded leaving you in the same boat as Frank, even if you had 10 hours of hand to hand combat training!  Good luck out there today and a safe hunt to all!  Come Wednesday it was hard to start a buck.  Drive after drive produced nothing.  Lunch in the field again and it was good and hot.  Since a buck was started on one morning drive another section was pushed.  Here we go!  Calls on the radio of 4 bucks running with a pack of does.  Amos Rapos, Osama Ben Lyden, Boozer and Emril (not Emil) all killed bucks.  All were killed by Mike Deluca's stand.  One more was killed on Friday and 3 on Saturday.  18 bucks were hanging on the pole on Saturday night.  Oh yeah, remember we lost the cook?  No problem, Mike Cannon is doing all the cooking and the food is great!  Thanks a million Mikey.  That's a great club member standing in cooking for the gang.  But your still ugly!!  Billy F. took pictures all week.  To see them CLICK HERE